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Seattle Real Estate Agents is a group of Seattle real estate agents who serve the Seattle area. We also have access to a network of agents who can help people with their real estate needs anywhere in North America. By using our buying form we take the work out of finding a home. One of our agents will contact you and find Seattle real estate listings to suit your needs. If you are selling a home, our agents will help you with the market evaluation and the sale of your home.

Our focus is on Seattle real estate; however, we try to provide a complete service. Whether you need immigration services or home design services, we have a team of professionals ready to help you. For more information see RE Services page.

Meet one of our Seattle real estate agents

Seattle real estate agent Corey Robinson
Realtor Associate
When I started in Real Estate, I had no idea how rewarding my job would be. I've met so many wonderful people and had the opportunity to help them with some of the biggest decisions of their lives.
Real Estate is more than just buying and selling houses, it's helping people find homes.
The things I've learned playing golf often apply to real estate...
No two shots are the same, just as no two clients are the same. You should always be prepared for anything and never assume you know how your shot will turn out.
Patience is everything. If you don't take your time and read your putt carefully you'll miss the shot. Likewise if you don't listen carefully to your client and listen to their needs, you might miss out on what it is they're really looking for.
Follow-though! No golf shot is complete without a good follow-through, just as no real estate transaction is complete without reliable follow through.
Finally, keep your head down. I look at this as a way to remember to focus on the end result. Whether I'm hoping to hit a great golf shot or to find the perfect home for a client, the key is to keep my head down and focus.

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